Why is Fire Horse Events & Incentives different from any other event management & incentive company?

  1. Our clients have repeatedly commented that; “we deliver more than is expected from us”.
  2. We never say “it cannot be done” unless there the result is; likely to cause harm to anyone, or would be in contravention of any law or restriction placed upon us.
    To this end, we are constantly challenging our service providers to go above and beyond, what is normally done or offered – there must always be a differential advantage for our clients. In pursuit of amazing experiences we will push boundaries, and encourage our suppliers to join us in thinking out of the box.
  3. Although destinations and technology play an integral part in our business, it is people who we consider to be the greatest asset. Whether it is our staff, our customers, or our service providers, we consider people, and our relationship with people to be the most important aspect of our business. Without strong and trustworthy relationships, a company will always be vulnerable. To gain the respect and trust from the industry and our clients, we are guided by a strong work ethic and professional conduct. As an event and incentive management company, we understand that we perform a vital and pivotal role between a multitude of service providers and our clients, and that every single person involved, at whatever level, deserves the respect and support for their function.
    Good relationships always go a long way toward delivering spectacular events.

Here are some of Fire-Horse Events and Incentives statistics;

  • 40, the number of outbound incentives to 12 countries.
  • 80, the number of domestic incentives.
  • 1045, the number of conferences organized.
  • 3032, the largest number of people moved, of which 800 were inbound guests.